Children Book Ideas

A Home To Many

A Home To Many ‘A Home To Many’ is a story revolving around the deforestation of the forests of Madagascar that develops as you lift the flaps. Following the journey of a young girl and a lemur, this interactive book idea highlights how important the forests are to both the wildlife and future generations of children that live there. This project was inspired following weekly visits to Shepreth Wildlife Park in which I fell in love with all the lemurs there as I observed and drew them.

While I was doing observational drawings of these beautiful creatures, I was able to have conversations with their keepers in which they informed me about the destruction of the lemur’s natural habitats in Madagascar. This is catastrophic for lemur species as well as other species that live there. The aim of creating this interactive, lift the flap book, is to help make both children and adults aware of the deforestation that is occurring but also to give a message of hope in which we must all work together to help preserve natural habitats for both the wildlife that lives there and for future generations to come