Character Design

Interactive Children’s Book

I find it important for all children to have an equal opportunity to read, learn and enjoy illustrated children’s books. Following this belief, I created an illustrated tactile storyboard aimed specifically for blind and partially sighted children and their families. As an illustrator I have developed a strong interest in children’s book illustrations and how they play an important role in childhood development. In particular, the importance of children’s books in educating children and developing a strong bond between parent and child. Using a range of different fabrics to create raised images and Bare Conductive Electric Paint which when touched triggers sounds, the storyboard aims to bring the story of Felix the Fox and the Rainy Day to life by helping to trigger the readers senses. The storyboard is also accompanied by an audio of the story, therefore allowing the children to have more freedom to also read and use the storyboard on their own.

You can learn more about bare conductive paint and the touch board by clicking here

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