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Roodee’s Garden At Night

Roodee’s Garden at Night During the Masters Stage module I created a series of two dummy picturebooks, Roodee’s Garden and Roodee’s Garden at Night. Both books are written in first person from the point of view of the main character, Roodee, a little rhino that enjoys exploring her garden and the creatures that live there. My aim during this module was to create a couple of sequences that aim to help children understand the importance of looking after wildlife and their habitats, especially in our gardens and local parks. The main character, Roodee, is a tiny rhino that was inspired by a soft toy rhino I designed and handmade spontaneously one morning. Not only filled with fluff but also rice to make her more weighted added a lot of personality to her which made me want to develop her character further on paper. I started by doing some studies of the toy rhino in different positions using a graphite pencil. This helped me get to know her better, allowing me to begin to develop her personality in my sketches, and slowly she became Roodee. In this story it is past Roodee’s bedtime as she sets off into the night, through the garden to watch the shooting stars with her friends. It is going to be magical! But what will she see on her way?

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