Children Book Ideas

The Penguin and Puffin

In a world where technology is constantly developing and electronic devices are being aimed at and owned by younger generations, there is a growing concern that less children are reading for pleasure in their spare time. The Penguin and Puffin picture book was created as a response to a research inquiry that aimed to focus on how physical children’s books could be designed in a way that helps to engage children in a more interactive way. Influenced by a trip to the Farne Islands during the previous summer, in which Puffins and other sea birds inhabit the land, triggered the final idea of the two main characters of the book being a Puffin and a Penguin. The story revolves around the theme of an unlikely friendship between two birds that live on opposite sides of the planet. Although the ultimate aim of the project is to investigate how interactive picture books can encourage children to read for pleasure, the narrative of the story allows the opportunity to educate children about these two wonderful seabirds and their habitats. Using the observational drawings from trips, to the Farne Islands and the Gentoo penguin enclosure at The Deep aquarium in Hull, development in simplifying and evolving the two birds in order to make suitable characters for the book took place. The decision was made to print a copy of the picture book, without featuring any electric paint, and then along side the picture book, print out some pages from the story that feature electric paint. By doing this, the children are able to look at both of the options, comparing and deciding which they prefer.